Listed here are the albums available for preorder through Revolt Vinyl Records. These are orders that have been placed with the manufacturer but have not yet arrived in stock. The expected shipping date is noted next to each item. An email confirmation will be sent once a preordered item has been shipped.

Broken Teeth - Guilty Pleasure 12 inch LP

Broken Teeth – Guilty Pleasure
Classic boogie-driven hard rock from Austin, Texas
FFO: AC/DC, Rhinobucket, Dirty Looks
Estimated shipping date: Nov/Dec 2022

$26.99 (plus shipping)

77 Shakedown - Mojave Dust 12 inch LP

77 Shakedown – Mojave Dust
Rootsy American roadhouse rock n’ roll from
Santa Barbara, CA
FFO: Cinderella, Steve Earle, Tesla
Estimated shipping date: Jun/Jul 2022

$26.99 (plus shipping)

Leather Duchess - White Leather 7 inch single

Leather Duchess – White Leather
’80s gritty glam rock from Los Angeles, CA
FFO: Dangerous Toys, Britny Fox, Zodiac Mindwarp
and the Love Reaction
Estimated shipping date: Sep/Oct 2022

$12.99 (plus shipping)