Vinyl records; the crown jewel of Revolt Vinyl Records: the reason that we are here: the reason the word “vinyl” is in the company name. Vinyl is inarguably the supreme form of physical media. Its warm and dynamic sound cannot be rivaled and there is simply no better art canvas than the twelve and half inch jacket which shrouds a record. Here you will find all the glorious vinyl records that are currently offered by Revolt Vinyl Records. Every record from our company is uniquely hand-numbered and includes extras such as stickers and signed promo cards. Our records are available exclusively through this web-store and the few select independent record stores which we have chosen to distribute our products through. We hope that all the records we sell are going to a proper loving home where they will be cherished, played and enshrined in a vinyl lover’s sanctuary.

77 Shakedown - Mojave Dust 12 inch LP

77 Shakedown – Mojave Dust
Rootsy American roadhouse rock n’ roll from
Santa Barbara, CA
FFO: Cinderella, Steve Earle, Tesla

$26.99 (plus shipping)

Leather Duchess - White Leather 7 inch single

Leather Duchess – White Leather
’80s gritty glam rock from Los Angeles, CA
FFO: Dangerous Toys, Britny Fox, Zodiac Mindwarp
and the Love Reaction

$12.99 (plus shipping)